Evangelism and Discipleship Training is an 80 week (180 hours) training series developed through Bethany Bible College. Which is designed to teach Christians who have a yearning to become Disciples of Jesus Christ. How to follow the mandate of Christ for His Church. To compel The Lost to Salvation in Christ. To teach those who become saved how to be Jesus’ Disciples.


This two and one-half years spiritual journey includes the following classes:

 BE-101 Introduction to Evangelism

BE-102 Preparation for On-The-Job Training (scripture memorization)

BE-103 On-The-Job Training (Role Play Introduction/Communication)

BE-104 Evangelism Practicum

BE-105 Responding to False Doctrine

BE-106 Methods and Techniques of Evangelism (Emotions)

BE-107 Methods and Techniques of Evangelism (Attitudes)

BE-108 Methods and Techniques of Evangelism (Counseling Practicum)